Jump/Hoops App Reviews

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I love this app

At my elementary school people were talking about this and I really wanted to buy this app because I want to donate money to people who have heart proplomes.


This was a good idea :D

Most actions send you to the website

Great cause but most of the actions in the app redirect you to the AHA website. They missed the point of having an app which is not having to go to the website but stay IN the app.


I don’t like it that much it won’t let me log in. And apparently it doesn’t recognize my school.

A Kid’s Guide To The App

Okay, first things first! I am amazed at the effort you guys put into this! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! AR and everything! Just 2 itty bitty cons. 1. My camera is broken so I can’t get this on my phone. I think there should be a mode where he/she can just pop up not in AR. 2. Registering can be a bit jacked up and crazy. My friend had to make 2 different accounts and neither one worked. Thanks for reading😃

I can’t create an account

I can’t create an account


This is a great way to raise money. My sister and I raise money like everyday. Even my mom does it. We did it because our aunt has a heart disease. You can even set goals.

There is a bug

When I opened my app up, it displayed a blank white screen. It was a virus, so I needed to delete it.

I Know You!

Omg! I know you! From Townsend Elementary School you teach that school that this app was online! Omg! And I also know it starts next Friday! Omg, hi!!! I love this app so much!

Hoop for Herat

Love this app thank you 🙏

Monster and register problems

It’s not scanning the monster. All it does it shows me a brown blob and I tried to register but it says password or username invalid

No clue what the sign in code is...

It just doesn’t work: It makes zero sense and I had no idea how to log in. I believe this app needs an update. Also, my school did not tell me how to sign up, so it gave the stuff

Won't scan monsters without donation first

No control panel in this app offers to provide the augmented reality features without making a donation first. The AR feature doesn't manifest until the account used in the app reflects a first donation to the American Heart Foundation... but is that spelled out in the documents sent home with the elementary school child or in this app's iTunes description? NOPE. WEAK sauce.

How do you ever scan it

How do even scan tattoos what how do you do It buttttttt it's a pretty awesome app



Bad app but not worth buying the scary

This is a cool app that you donate for Jax and more but it’s not worth it because you donate money and you make them come to life on the screen it’s not fun

App with a Great meaning

I love this app because it allows you to donate to people in need!❤️

A Nice Donation App

Some apps scam you and make you think that you're donating to a fund, but in this app you actually get to donate for a real reason. I discovered jumps/hoops from my school in second grade and I still do it. It helps children learn to be generous and learn that not all people are healthy, but by donating they can help.

Slow but Sure

The app loads slowly but gets there in the end. I like being able to check on our fundraising progress on the app. Haven’t figured out where the check scanning feature is, but I look forward to using it.


Jump hoops is an amazing app in my way I say This because it has helped many kids and people all over the world. So instead of suffering they lived and they are happy thanks to all the people that offer this volunteered money 😁


I constantly get asked to log back in due to a lack of an internet connection. I know for certain my network is up and healthy. The app is only a source of frustration. Don’t bother.

I hate this app

Ok, so I was EXTREMELY exited about this app. But it turns out that it’s a total waste of time. It is so annoying, because I typed in 2 passwords, and it still did not log me in. The only thing I slightly liked about this app is how much effort you put into this, and how thoughtful you are as a team. Thanks for reading my review.

Love this app

I am a parent to a child participating in the jump rope & hoops for heart fund raiser and this app is just so easy to function and super adorable with the cute little features where the kids can play games .


Kind of glitchy can’t scan monster tattoo .


It’s a good app but it WONT SCAN THE MONSTER!

Rushed build?

Authentication screen rarely works. And assuming you can log in, there’s a high change different screens will only partially load. And too much functionality kicks you out to complete in the browser.


It’s a very good and fun app and it helps kids with bad hearts


This app is chock full of bugs. I had to create 2 separate accounts for my 2 children (couldn’t add a second child). The buttons are unresponsive and have a horrible lag. This caused me to inadvertently donate $75 when I only intended to donate $25 since it “conveniently” defaults to the $75 amount. There’s no contact info either. Seriously one of the most useless apps ever.

It keeps saying “Register”!!!! 👎🏻

When I registered. I wanted to see charger come to life but he kept saying register.😓

How am I supposed to register?

I'm not registered for Jump/Hoops and whenever I got the register button it won't do anything! So could you fix that -Heidi Faulhaber

I’m enjoy this app

It’s saving lives and I love that

Don’t scan or can’ login

I tried to log in and scan my monster it did not work:(


This does not work when you try to scan it


Pages are taking a long time to load and getting a few error pages.

OMG thank you

Thank you for making this app it’s grate for kids and gets them active


This app won’t download it’s stuck on loading I would just go on the website

Dear StopTheNWO

That was kinda rude

Jump rope for heart from kids

This app is a very good app because I am in a good School and I've use this app for many things and this is a great app because it is helping people with heart problems.🙂❤️

Help kids

This App help kids stay alive



No charger

I was so excited to scan charger but I can't even scan it! I downloaded it for nothing but space on my iPad.

Patience people

You need good lighting and patience it worked perfectly fine for me :)


I Tried To Log In AND IT DIDN’T WORK!!! What A Spoil... And This Doesn’t Fix Any Part’s Of You’re Heart...


It won’t let me play but I still like it but it forgot my password and i can’t play

This won’t fix heart disease!

The cure has been out there, but throwing money won’t do anything to fix it. I have reversed my patients heart disease by instructing them to discontinue eating animal products and eating more vegetables/fruits/grains. People who donate to this organization are foolish. Btw, this app doesn’t scan my child’s tattoo, works about as good as your donations at fixing heart disease.

Why won't this open!

I tried downloading this and now it won't open. It is stuck on loading!

Doesn’t work

My son was so excited to scan his Charger. It doesn’t work! The camera just opens and no matter how big or clear we get it, nothing happens! To make matters worse it’s just stuck on the camera screen with no option to go back or anything! Very poorly done


Ok, so I am trying to register, but it won’t find my school. Seriously! And when I try to contact the support team, nothing happens!

App Donate issues

I’m trying to donate through app for my son, but it doesn’t allow me to. I’ve already registered him. It keeps opening web page. I didn’t have this issue last year. Please fix so I can donate through app.

Aiden Dela Cruz From Maria A Ulloa

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